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Hmm, maybe I should resume doing journals on here. Haven't done one since July.
To the people who are still making a fuss over a cartoon pony dressing in drag:  BUTTON IT! STIFLE YOURSELF! You're already awash in double standards as it is!
OC (Work in Progress) by StatManDan
OC (Work in Progress)
Using the Pony creator from :icongeneralzoi:, I was able to create this. If only I can get a calculator as a cutie mark, then I'd be in business. 
BronyCon Mascots Reflect by StatManDan
BronyCon Mascots Reflect
The BronyCon mascots looking down at the Baltimore Convention Center on Sunday night after Closing Ceremonies reflecting on three days of fun and friendship. Over 10,000 fans came to Baltimore for the three days and many #bronyconmoments were made. While the four ponies were a bit sad to see this festival come to an end, it was the weekend of a lifetime!

All the planning and preparation for the biggest of all cons had paid off. From 9am in the morning to 2am overnight, BronyCon was bustling with activity from the panels, to the vendor hall, to Bronypalooza. The guests from the show and the comics had a great time as always. Over $30,000 was raised for charity and to break the five-digit barrier in attendance was a dream come true. 

On Sunday night, it was time for reflection. They could see some make their way home that night and will see more go home the next day. Each one going on social media with #bronyconmoments to share to fill their hearts. Each one of the four ponies were able to harness their unique talents, passions, and personalities with the help of many others behind the scenes to build a convention that paid tribute to the ideals and the magic of friendship. That night, the four ponies noticed that their cutie marks were pulsing. That was a sign that their convention was a rousing success. Not that the previous two they have hosted were not, but considering some of the rough times Baltimore had to go through this year, this was a weekend where they were able to bring smiles to many faces. 

After looking down on the Convention Center that night, they noticed an interesting card from an attendee from Chicago. The fan thanked them for the weekend and it ended with a quote from an old radio disc jockey:

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow because yesterday has been a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every tomorrow a vision of hope."

With that, it was time to call it a night. It was a little sad to see BronyCon 2015 come to an end, but they can take pride in this weekend and look forward to preparing for BronyCon 2016--some 334 days from this night! 


BronyCon mascots created and designed by #sophiecabra and the property of Lunar Solis Corp. 
It's a couple weeks overdue, but I've been busy. Anyway, I went to the 12th annual My Little Pony Fair northwest of Chicago. This was a chance to experience a convention different from the Brony conventions since this is more geared towards the collectors and earlier generations of MLP. However, the fair has since opened its doors to the G4 crowd. As it turns out, in more ways than one.

First, Andrea Libman was one of the guests and it was a first for any of the shows themselves. MLP creator Bonnie Zacherle was there as was one of the designers in Susanne Riette-Keith. The Friday night before the Fair proper, there was a celebratory dinner and Hall of Fame induction. The HOF would induct two people associated with MLP and two ponies. Well, it appears the last couple years, the G1 inductees seemed to be the spiritual predecessors of the current theme of G4. With this year's theme being Cutie Mark Magic, the spiritual predecessors were the "Twice as Fancy" ponies from G1. Last year, "Rainbow Power" was the theme and the Rainbow Ponies from G1 were inducted. This is the third year they have done this, and Firefly was the first G1 inductee in 2013. 

Surprising here is that G4 already has three inductees on its own. Pinkie Pie was inducted in 2013, Rainbow Dash followed in 2014, and this year it was Fluttershy. Her voice actress also got inducted. Andrea Libman is the first performer from any of the shows to be inducted into the Hall. It did make for a most interesting night at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. 

Saturday and Sunday were mostly looking at what the Fair had to offer. The Hasbro panel, since they officially sponsor this Fair, has prepared questions with answers that 90% of which were answered with either "stay tuned," or "we can't reveal that at this time." In other words, the questions might have been a bit spoiler heavy. And yes, one person asked about Twilight without wings (ugh!). 

I got into the ticketed events such as "Tea with Bonnie" which provided great insight into the early days of MLP with guest Susanne Riette-Keith. Also, there was Sunday's private meet-and-greet with Andrea which I enjoyed. I kind of like these small settings better since I'm usually quiet and reserved, especially when at Main Hall panels at the other conventions. 

As for swag, I got more autographs, another photo with Andrea, some Series 3 cards, and Pinkie Pie as a chicken. Yes, the exclusive was at MLP Fair two weeks before San Diego Comic Con. This was my 10th convention and it was a unique experience, but one I enjoyed. It's also the venue for Whinny City Ponycon next April. My next convention will be BronyCon in August, followed by Ponyville Ciderfest (I couldn't say no to meeting Ashleigh Ball) the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

So that's where things are right now in terms of conventions. I'll talk about the show here a little later.

That's all for now. More later.



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